I have had numerous collaboration activities with Andreas Rasmussen, which is the basic of this recommendation.

Andreas is sharp, intelligent and hard working professional. He is extremely dedicated and will not give up until he achieves his goal.

Andreas is also an active of our startup mentor program, which is the largest of its kind in the Nordic Region. He is among the top ranked mentors as he understands how communicate clearly and to set clear goals.

He is a great entrepreneur and networker. The creation of the AP, which rapidly has grown into one of the largest investment networks in Scandinavia, can prove.

Andreas is honest, and trustful and I have deeply respect for him as a professional and will not hesitate to recommend him as business partner or colleague.

Human Shojaee

CEO Venture Cup

Andreas is a fantastic person with an enormous drive and enthusiasm. He is always filled with energy and he’s the type that get things done.   Very creative and committed – It is a pleassure to work with Andreas as you can depend on him. Erik Gravgaard

Advokat og ejer at Juristhuset advokater og erhvervsjurister

Andreas is a very passionate and energy-radiating person. To work with him is like getting inspired and challenged on a daily basis. I am so impressed at how Andreas is developing the community of individual investors in Sweden and to what degree he cares about his users. A very understanding and helpful colleague, who knows how to hit business targets on the head. At meetings, he always comes forth with great ideas that shows how greatly he cares about the product and people who are going to use it. In addition, I enjoyed very much getting to know his family and his kids – a father to learn from. Look forward to develop this relationship moving forward Vladimir Chen

Senior Digital PM & Platform Owner at 3Shape

Andreas is a very intelligent, and hardworking person. He never gives up until he reaches his goals. I worked and work with him regarding AKTIEPORTEFOLJEN where he created one of Scandinavias largest investment networks and still growing. I have deep respect towards this person and would recommend anyone to work with him. Elias Kocan

Wordsmith with the ability to translate business objectives into measurable results.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Andreas while I was both a consultant and a partner at Aktieporteføljen in 2016. Andreas has managed to start a small facebook group and grown it into the largest independent and liberal financial forum in Scandinavia. Andreas’ relentless work ethic has given Aktieportføljen a consistent monthly growth and become the go-to source for financial knowledge, insight and breaking news. He has become well-known in the private investment community and through his work given tremendous value and support to investors of all types across the Nordics. While working with Andreas I found him to be a hard-working, goaloriented and steadfast individual bundled with a passion for entrepreneurship. Hasan Surtiwala

Start-up sphere mechanic

I’ve had the pleasure to spend time with Andrew on various occasions in his work as head of sales (Sweden) at Proinvestor. Andreas is a very pleasant human being, which really radiates enthusiasm and passion for his work.   This is reflected clearly in the structure and thoroughness as he shows for each task. I look forward to even more exciting and innovative sessions with Andrew and give him my best recommendations for the future Kasper Schademan

Marketing Manager at The Mobile Equity Game